5 Important Tips for Marketing Your CBD Brand

Blog / Mar 21, 2023

Put simply, marketing is hard. It’s true for any industry, but when it comes to the CBD market, it can seem even more impossible. Misconceptions regarding CBD’s chemical makeup, effects, and legality make it feel like you’re spending all of your resources explaining and reexplaining what CBD products even are. So, how can CBD brands most effectively use marketing to highlight its appeal while simultaneously laying the necessary groundwork of information? Furthermore, how can you cut through the noise and stand out as a brand?

Well, here at Bhang, we specialize in crafting efficient, worthwhile strategies, particularly when it comes to the cannabinoid industry. We wanted to share some of what we’ve found to work the best, broken down into five helpful tips that will help alleviate your CBD marketing-induced headaches.

SEO and Local Marketing

If you’re pursuing a strong web presence for your CBD brand, a presence that will make it easier for new customers to find you and remind returning customers of what makes you special, then SEO is paramount. Imagine your brand’s online presence as a physical storefront. Poor SEO management is akin to taking down any signage, blacking out the windows, and only permitting those with a secret password into the shop. Proper SEO management, however, makes your shop stand out, helping people to find you with minimal effort. Paying attention to how your web pages are set up, choosing relevant keywords, and properly dispersing those keywords, can make all the difference.

Wallflower Cannabis Avg Keyword Position
Wallflower Cannabis House Avg Keyword Position

This idea goes hand in hand with local marketing. Local marketing is not merely a physical strategy; it extends far beyond hanging up posters on local bulletin boards or sponsoring local events (though, those are good too!). By integrating your location into your brand’s online presence, particularly SEO-focused web pages, search engines will be more likely to showcase your brand whenever a local customer makes a related search. One way to further bolster this is with content marketing, our next tip!

Content Marketing

Content marketing is exactly what it sounds like: marketing your CBD brand with original content. In practice, this content can take many forms, from highly produced multimedia pieces to simple blog posts. Whatever their shape, they’re produced with the goal of supplementing your product with engaging, informative content. Got a new CBD line? Why not create a brief article explaining the benefits of CBD? Hosting an event? Why not introduce everyone involved with a short blog?

This type of content not only drives eyes to your website, it also provides even more value to your customers. It’s a way for you to differentiate your CBD brand, giving it a unique identity and voice. Of course, as you likely expected, this content works amazingly well with a strong, focused social media strategy.

cbd for headaches post
Wallflower – Blog Post

Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. The upside? There’s no quicker way to introduce your brand to potential consumers than an effective social media campaign. Keeping active accounts across different platforms – all posting content with consistent messaging – maintains audience engagement and can quickly spread brand awareness. Even simple posts showing off new products or introducing team members go a long way. It also opens up a whole new world of paid advertising options.

brand awareness social media posts

Paid Marketing

Social media doesn’t only offer direct communication with your customer base, it also provides one of the best marketing tools on the web. Promoted posts are often a cost-effective way to quickly and easily get your content in front of whatever demographic you are attempting to reach. It expands beyond social media as well. Finding relevant media outlets or other websites to advertise with, whether it’s a sponsored article or conventional advertisements, is one of the best ways to ensure your message is getting to those who should hear it.

Influencer Marketing

A subcategory of paid marketing, influencer marketing is such a beast that it deserves its own little explanation. Just like a sponsored post on social media or a website, influencer marketing involves paying some entity to promote your brand or product. The big difference with influencer marketing, as you might have guessed, is an established internet personality would be the mouthpiece. Instead of a post from your account getting algorithmically placed in users’ social media feeds, accounts with massive follower counts will promote your CBD brand from their account. It can sometimes be a more expensive option, but almost always introduces your brand to those who would have otherwise never been exposed.

BudofGods GWAR Consequence
GWAR – Bud of Gods

Need help marketing your CBD products on Social Media?

Don’t hesitate to contact Bhang Media for guidance. Proactive, innovative, and tapped into the fast-changing landscape of digital content, Bhang Media is well-equipped and ready to take your brand to the next level.

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