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Blog / Jun 2, 2021

What’s in a name? In the case of Bhang, the story starts thousands of years ago…

Today you know Bhang as a trusted cannabis brand but the word also serves as the name for a cold, cannabis-infused drink regularly enjoyed on holy days in India. Especially popular during the annual festivals of Mahashivratri and Holi, the origins of “bhang” are often traced to ancient myths and folktales. Several build upon the familiar story of the Hindu gods churning the sea to create an immortality elixir called Amrit, with the idea being that the world’s first marijuana plants were birthed from the places hit by errant droplets of the cosmic substance.

Henceforth, Lord Shiva has enjoyed a close connection with bhang and cannabis in the Indian culture. As a result, the substance has become a cherished way to experience the divine in connection with special celebrations.

At Holi, for instance, many revelers drink bhang to induce a trance-like state to heighten the senses during India’s “festival of colors.” This intractable link between experience and substance is at the heart of what Bhang the brand does today.

…but what is bhang, actually?

Making bhang is actually a fairly time-consuming, laborious process!

For this reason, many consumers prefer to just buy their bhang “ready-made” and avoid the hassle of grinding and mixing the leaves with a mortar and pestle on their own. Served cold like a milkshake, traditional bhang also includes a varying amount of other spices, mainly to enhance the flavor.

Though there is certainly pleasure to be found from the experience, it’s also important to stress that for many, the consumption of bhang is truly a spiritual undertaking. As far back as the Atharvaveda (dated to 1200-1500 BC), cannabis was described as one of the Earth’s five most sacred plants.

That connection also holds true when it comes to festivals like Mahashivratri and Holi, where bhang is treated much like a sacrament.

From bhang to Bhang

All of this was the information swirling through Sajan Shiva’s mind when he realized Bhang was the perfect name for his new business.

Incorporating elements of both tradition and celebration, Sajan chose Bhang not only as a tribute to the drink he grew up with as a child in Hyderabad, India but to the culture and people who continue to consume and revere it today.

Acknowledging the intractable link between bhang and the festivals where it’s often consumed, Sajan now brings his experience as a co-founder of Consequence Media to the unique landscape of cannabis industry digital marketing solutions.

Instilled with a reverence for the ancient roots of its namesake, today Bhang draws on over 25 years of success in both traditional publishing and performance marketing to offer a range of services like SEO Management and Next-Gen Reporting. Sajan’s deep ties to the live music and entertainment sphere further make Bhang the perfect partner
for those seeking healing, transparency, and access to some of the biggest musical festivals in the world from their cannabis digital marketing solutions.

Encapsulated in the Bhang spirit is a respect for tradition, an affinity for community, and a celebration of the colors, sights, and flavors of India’s festival culture. Taken together, it is a love for the old expressed as a service for the new.

As they say, it’s all in the name.

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