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Blog, Highly Relevant / Jun 25, 2021


As more states chose to legalize and regulate cannabis, many of the movement’s important figures have at last chosen to emerge from the shadows.

The reason for their secrecy is understandable, especially when one remembers that prior to California voters approving Prop. 215 in 1996, the penalties for possessing, selling, or consuming cannabis were excessively harsh. In some pockets of the U.S., such stringent rules remain in place but in others, the safety of the law at last being on their side has encouraged some cannabis activists to finally come forward to share their stories.

One such person is Meridy Volz, who was a legend of the San Francisco Bay Area as the central force behind Sticky Fingers Brownies. Delivering her wares in hand-decorated lunch bags, Volz and her husband operated Sticky Fingers successfully for many years before eventually choosing to retire from the business.

During her tenure, Volz was also a dedicated ally to those suffering from the HIV/AIDS crisis but, as a result of the nature of her work, her story and any related recognition for her contributions went largely untold.


That is, until now. To learn the entire rich history of Sticky Fingers, grab a copy of Home Baked. Published in 2020 and penned by Meridy’s daughter, Alia Volz, this memoir is a warm, thoughtful recounting of a childhood spent in the company of lots of weed and two very loving parents.

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