Celebrating Women in Cannabis for Women’s History Month

Blog / Mar 8, 2023

Like any industry, women make up a massive part of the most innovative, inspired, and important figures in the world of cannabis. With Women’s History Month now officially upon us, we wanted to take a moment to salute the women of the community: the leaders, shop owners, and enthusiasts in the cannabis space.

The Cannabis Community Leaders for Women’s History Month

One of the best things about the cannabis industry is the culture that surrounds it. There’s a deeper connection between retailers and consumers than in most spaces. Many of those involved on the business side are avid users themselves, passionate about any cannabinoid product they might have on their shelves. There’s a true marijuana community, and that’s in no small part thanks to the women who built it and continue to help keep it alive.

Women in the community have long since disproven any notion of cannabis culture being a “boys club.” These women often set the standards of the community, leading by example and looking out for others who feel alienated or ousted. Organizations like WomenCann, a non-profit based out of Ohio that seeks to empower women within the world of cannabis, provide spaces for women to connect and come together within the marijuana community.

And as women take up a larger, more empowered space in the community, many have become expressly involved in the industry side of cannabis, leading to female shop owners and industry front-runners.

The Cannabis Shop Owners for Women’s History Month

Especially within the last few years, an increasing number of women-owned and operated cannabis businesses have cropped up as more states legalize marijuana. Often, these shops bring a new perspective and fresh ideas to selling cannabis products.

Take Serra, whose interest in experience and rallying cry of “Quality Drugs” has led them to become one of the most exciting, unique retailers in the space. With multiple locations open, including two flagship stores in Oregon and one in California, their methods and sensibilities are proving to bring results.
Elsewhere, you have the appropriately-named Miss Grass, which is owned and operated by a team of 13 women. All longtime cannabis users, the group pushes wellness, progress, and, of course, quality marijuana.

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As they’ll tell you themselves, it’s “weed for the times.”

We could spend hours upon hours highlighting boundary-pushing, women-led cannabis companies – there’s Wallflower Cannabis House, Pure Beauty, Garden Society, Harmonic Womand CBD, and so much more – but there’s one thing that unites them all: their sheer enthusiasm for cannabis.

The Enthusiasts

Not only have women been taking up greater space as marijuana sellers, but they’ve also been taking up greater space as marijuana consumers. The percentage of cannabis users who identify as women has been increasing steadily for years, up to nearly 40%. And each and every woman who contributes to that number is an enthusiast who deserves our salute this Women’s History Month in Cannabis. So, join us as we do so.

Before March is through, why not go support a women-led cannabis shop? Or better yet, buy a cannabis-using woman in your life a special, weed-infused gift from a women-led cannabis shop. There’s no better way to celebrate the women of the cannabis community, and we’re absolutely sure she’ll love it.

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    Celebrating Women in Cannabis for Women's History Month

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