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Content Marketing

What it is

The objective that Bhang lays out for its brands is to gradually build a more substantial presence across channels such as the on-site blog pages, and social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.

In alignment with the dispensary's growth plans, the idea is to push interest with social media content tidbits, and how-to-use images/videos, and treat marketing efforts as a lifestyle-promoting exercise. At the same time, roping in the community, small businesses, and micro-influencers will go a long way to building brand awareness.

The Focus







Bhang has a proactive and comprehensive content marketing strategy. We create and curate relevant blogs according to long-tail keyword research and augment them with a necessary push from social channels 2-3 times a week.

Blogging Engages Customers

Here are a few compelling reasons why content marketing efforts are beneficial for eCommerce businesses:

  • A blog can engage the audience and promote brand loyalty
  • When readers read about new products via blog, they are likely to click to learn more
  • Readers are likely to browse other pages on the site, especially if you provide backlinks
  • Well-maintained blogs make readers feel like they’re part of a community
  • Blogging allows companies to tell stories that could convert visitors into customers
  • If a blog post goes viral, it could radically increase site visits and brand awareness with countless readers
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blogging engages customers

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