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Blog, Highly Relevant / Jun 25, 2021

• Earlier this month, the cannabis advertising platform Weedmaps began trading on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol MAPS following the completion of SPAC merger with Silver Spike Acquisition Corp. Early returns were reportedly promising.

• Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister has announced that four cannabis strains from the country will be registered as National Heritage to promote further research into their use.

• It was bad news for pot banking reform when the U.S. Supreme Court recently declined to take up a case challenging the Internal Revenue Service’s ability to investigate cannabis businesses.

• Two House Democrats have introduced a new bill which would federally decriminalize all drugs, with the timing intentionally coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of President Richard Nixon declaring a war on drugs.

• Mexico’s Supreme Court is also busy as they plan to meet next week to consider striking down the prohibition of cannabis as unconstitutional after the country’s lawmakers failed to pass a legalization bill by the Court’s provided deadline.

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