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Chuck Schumer
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Schumer Asks Senators To Help Shape Marijuana Legalization Bill He Plans To File Soon

In news from The Hill, Senate leaders aren’t just aiming to pass a bill to federally legalize marijuana – they’re also hoping to use this as an opportunity to rectify the wrongs of the past and the negative results of criminalization.

It’s an optimistic sign from lawmakers and those aiming to push the marijuana conversation into the present-day, where states are working to make advances. The effort is led by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in a detailed proposal. This kind of effort on the federal level could signal major changes coming for the business side of marijuana and cannabis products, as well as everyday consumers.


Michigan Sate Flag

Detroit – Gibraltar Trade Center to house dual pot shop, cannabis-infused drinks facility

In news out of Michigan, the Detroit area has plans to shift the Gibraltar Trade Center into a home for a pot shop and cannabis-infused drinks. This area has seen many lives of its own, including its original intent as a race track and a time as a public marketplace.

This next era for the space will offer visitors cannabis-related retail opportunities in a move that indicates that this is “just the beginning,” according to a representative. Pleasantrees Cannabis Company is spearheading the effort.


CoPilot Render
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World’s first in-airport cannabis store taxiing toward takeoff in Canada

Here’s a new definition of getting high: the world’s first in-airport cannabis store is being developed in Canada. Appropriately named Copilot, the store aims to be a place where anxious travelers can find products to make flying just a bit easier. Along with the opening of the shop, the Prince George Airport Authority previously released plans for a “cannabis consumption area,” making the airport overall on the cutting edge of cannabis when it comes to flying.


Carri Richardson and Kamila Valieva
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Sha’Carri Richardson sees a double standard in allowing Kamila Valieva to compete

The 2022 Winter Olympics have been fraught with trouble in the figure skating arena. A Russian skater, Kamila Valieva, was allowed to compete even after testing positive for a banned drug. This acquiescence has been highlighted by U.S. sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson, who recently was denied competition in the Tokyo games following a similar conversation around banned drugs.

Lil Kim
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Lil’ Kim reveals when and where to find her arousing line of Aphrodisiak strains

Meanwhile, Lil Kim is sharing details on her upcoming designer cannabis brand – Aphrodisiak, giving insight into the years-long development process that includes hand-selecting and developing the product herself. Get the scoop from Leafly.


Gary Chambers Jr
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37 Seconds
Gary Chambers, Jr, US Senate Candidate from Louisiana, Smokes Blunt in Campaign Ad

In an effort to unseat Republican John Kennedy, Democratic candidate, Gary Chambers, Jr., is running for Senate in Louisiana. His platform is based around several issues, one of the most controversial being marijuana legalization. So what did Gary do to show his support? He smoked a large blunt in his ad while speaking on cannabis arrest statistics. View the ad here.


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Harmonic Woman CBD


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