Mike Tyson has lots of great news in the cannabis industry!

Blog, Highly Relevant / Oct 29, 2021

Weed Warriors

With a cannabis brand, Tyson Ranch, and a podcast titled Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson, the heavyweight champ is not new to the world of cannabis by any means. He credits the plant for his physical and mental improvement over the years and has become a serial entrepreneur in the booming industry.

Tyson will serve as the Chief Brand Officer of Tyson 2.0 – a new, high-quality cannabis line that will feature flowers, edibles, concentrates and more. Along with the release of his new brand line, Tyson has also partnered with Columbia Care – one of the largest cannabis distributors and cultivators in the United States. Once the line debuts, it will be sold across states in Columbia Care’s network of almost 100 dispensaries and sold to wholesalers.

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