Optimize data capture, consumer flow and conversion rate.

SEO Boost Package

What it is

Through our exclusive publisher relationship, we create off site press placements, with editorial inclusions across high-ranking publishers both in and outside of the cannabis space.

We guarantee these monthly placements and leverage the link backs to help boost SEO rankings and reviews across relevant platforms.

Bhang will also develop landing page best SEO practices to help optimize data capture, consumer flow, and conversion rate.

Search Terms

Improvement in branded and non-branded search terms.

Improved Position Ranking

Hyper-Local Activity

Over 6 months, Bhang was able to improve Wallflower's SEO performance significantly.

Landing pages led to giveaways that significantly helped with acquisition goals.

  1. Impressions increased by 493.7%
  2. Click increased by 293.8%
  3. CTR increased by 33.7%

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