Unique, High-Impact Activations for Cannabis Brands & Retailers

Influencer Retail Activations

What it is

Bhang Media has an extensive network of influencers in the music & entertainment space. Through these relationships, we’re able to offer a unique, high impact activations for cannabis brands & retailers.

We offer access to branded products from some of the biggest artists in the game. These products will be exclusive to your location for a period of time, and Bhang will coordinate a media and social campaign surrounding the exclusive product sale.

Following the hype culture that has taken the sneaker & boutique world by storm, our access to artists, product, and publishers with millions of readers gives us the ability to create an organic, far reaching marketing campaign around your retail location.

How it works

  • Collaborate or Select geos, products, and dates of exclusivity
  • Bhang supplies artist labeled exclusive CBD/Cannabis products at a wholesale rate for retailers
  • Artsists and partners publication launch promotional campaign featuring articles, social media, newsletter, and video promotion
  • Bhang provides artist licensing to cannabis brands for OEM branding

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to Consequence Media Reach


Consequence is the most pervasive voice in live music, and has been for the past 13 years. Their website reaches millions of dedicated fans each month, all with a high Cannabis interest.

They’re also an exclusive partner of Bhang, and bring a massive audience to our Influencer Retail Activations. Their role is to promote and publish about the partnership, creating opportunities for virality in the campaign.


Meet Gwar

  • 436K
  • 96.4 M
  • 32K
  • 3.7 M

GWAR is the internationally renowned space rock group whose approach to stage theatrics and wild antics has gained fans the world over. Bhang has helped GWAR to launch their first line of CBD and Delta-8 products, called Bud of Gods which are sourced from the highest quality American grown organic hemp.


Participate in the launch of GWAR’s CBD product as the exclusive retailer, and both GWAR and Consequence will drive their audience to your retail location - creating a huge social, organic, and experiential boost in the process.

Sublime with Rome

The year 2022 is a big one for Sublime, as it marks the 25th anniversary of the band’s landmark self-titled third studio album. In celebration, Sublime with Rome will perform the album in full on what is sure to be one of the bigger tours of next summer.

Dirty Heads

Dirty Heads will also hit the road next summer for their annual amphitheater tour. The outing comes on the heels of the band’s song, “Vacation,” going viral and holding the No. 1 position on the Billboard Alternative song chart for 11 straight weeks.

Rome & Duddy

Regional activations during both tours will provide ample opportunity for retail, digital, and brand activations. A proprietary vape or dab strain celebrating this moment in both group’s careers will create instant brand marketing opportunities upon launch in the new year.


  • 5.9 M
  • 907K
  • 173K
  • 10.2 M

And Many More...

With this model, Bhang chooses to only work with top-line manufacturers in every state. Our premium-priced products deliver quality, provide assurance and ensure customer satisfaction. Earned media opportunities continue to grow with our unique approach, and potentially create a first-mover advantage for distributors with multiple retail locations.

Be the first retailer in your area to carry a premium line of cannabis products.

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