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Blog, Highly Relevant / Jun 3, 2021

• Seth Rogen’s new cannabis brand catered to music lovers with its newest drop: a $450 signature Houseplant vinyl record player.

• Meanwhile, the owner of Quebec headshop is suing the provincial government over a post-legalization ban on selling cannabis-related merchandise of any kind.

• As part of a long list of preparations for the 2021 Academy Awards, actress Glenn Close shared a clip of her feet being rubbed with CBD cream.

• Music talent Afroman — the artist behind the legendary cannabis jam “Because I Got High” — stayed true to character by reportedly forgetting to secure a consumption permit for his 4/20 concert in Michigan.

• A new documentary series from Hulu examines a grisly 1993 murder that took place on a cannabis farm in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle and whether the mythical Bigfoot played a role.

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