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Blog, Highly Relevant / Dec 23, 2021


Medical marijuana and autism


Can medical marijuana help with autism? A new study, as reported by CNN, suggests that this could be a new possibility in medicine. Children with autism experience levels of serotonin and dopamine differently from other developing children — most specifically when these levels are lower than their peers. Experts believe that CBD and cannabis products could help level out those important signals of serotonin and dopamine, which would help with social interactions in particular.

One child who participated in the study was non-verbal upon entry and has emerged more social and communicative. Interestingly, decreasing excitement and increasing inhibition makes social interactions less overwhelming for children with autism. The study has not left early stages, but the results so far show great promise.


Ohio Marijuana Activists Submit Signatures To Force Legislature To Consider Legalization

Activists in Ohio have had a major breakthrough in their state’s legalization process. The coalition needed around 130,000 signatures in order to get their state legislature to take up the issue and start formal conversations. The coalition raised nearly double that, ultimately clocking in with over 200,000. This tangible demonstration shows how eager the people of Ohio are for conversations around legalization. If the signatures are verified by state officials, the legislature would then have four months to adopt, reject, or amend the measure, meaning the gears could be turning as early as summer for the state.



Malta Becomes First E.U. Country to Legalize Marijuana

Despite the Netherlands accepting the sale and consumptions of cannabis for decades, like most European countries, their marijuana laws are in a gray area. That changes with Malta, an island country located in the Mediterranean Sea. The new law serves as a mean to protect those who choose to consume cannabis, rather than promoting consumption of the plants. This is exciting news for those previously punished for using marijuana. People may now carry up to seven grams of marijuana, grow up to four plants in their apartments, and keep up to 50 grams of dried cannabis at home.



The 25 most-read Los Angeles Times cannabis stories of 2021

The LA Times has rounded up their best stories on cannabis for 2021. From Sha’Carri Richardson’s ban from the Olympics, to celebrities claiming their stake in the industry, to overturning cannabis convictions, it’s been a busy year in cannabis. The list of 25 stories represent the 25 years since California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana access in 1996.


Photo Credit: cannabisincommon.org

MMA fighter Elias Theodorou fights to reform cannabis policies in professional sports

MMA fighter Elias Theodorou was diagnosed with bilateral neuropathy. This is a result of damaged nerves around the spinal cord and brain. Despite the opioid crisis, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) suggested prescription drugs. Theodorou believes cannabis is the best medicine for him and became “the first professional athlete in North America publicly known to receive a therapeutic use exemption for medical cannabis, granted by the British Columbia Athletic Commission in Canada.” Here he speaks about how the classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug caused the delay in his medical exemption for years.


Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for last minute stocking stuffers and gifts for the cannabis lover in your life? There’s still time to head to your favorite Las Vegas dispensary, Wallflower Cannabis House.

cannabis gift guide

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