In Highest of Spirits for Holi

Blog, Highly Relevant / Mar 18, 2022


Bhang’s mission is to be a source of healing and transparency for digital marketing in cannabis

Bhang is an edible preparation of cannabis dating back to 1000 BC in India and is traditionally distributed during the spring festival of HOLI.

This ancient term is rooted in the context of wellness, healing, and the celebration of life. It’s deep, cultural significance is shared by the Bhang team and allows us tobring a unique perspective to the often homogenous Cannabis and CBD industry.

Our own roots run similarly deep, drawing from over 25 years of success in both traditional publishing and performance marketing. It is from our experiences there that we built Bhang, a turn-key demand generation and retention marketing solution.


Cannabis stocks are skyrocketing today. Why?

Psychedelic drug, Psilocybin, commonly known as magic mushrooms has come to a major stall in its efforts to pass legalization. Investors that were banking on marijuana legalization have been anxious of the competition that psilocybin would bring to the market.

However, with the ballot in California falling short of signatures required, it is safe to say that marijuana investors do not have to fret at least till the 2024 elections.



Even though marijuana is legal, it is not leading to more youth consumption.

Since 2021, youth consumption has either decreased or stagnated in states where marijuana is legal.
And, inspite of 100 million Americans living in states where cannabis is legal, it brings an important question to the table – what does it really mean for the country’s youth?


A constantly changing state of affairs

Kentucky passes a bill with a new amendment that now accepts Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD as a qualifying condition.

Things are a little different in Mississippi. The municipal authorities want to move towards banning marijuana businesses from their daily operations – inspite of a glorying approval from voters and lawmakers.


Are social norms expected to evolve with the inevitable legalization of marijuana?

Would parents be allowed to consumer substances with their kids around; would it still be the same as drinking a glass of wine or having an occasional smoke here and there?

This piece by Annaliese Griffin at The Cut unravels the acceptance in social circles and cannabis paradoxes.


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