A Political and Scientific Angle on Cannabis

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How are people taking Biden’s ban on D.C. marijuana sales?

Once again, President Biden is opposing the decision to legalize marijuana sales in Washington, D.C. Many are frustrated as it is preventing D.C.’s local government from spending its tax dollars, and does not stay true to the local voter approved ballot in 2014. The juxtaposition of Biden’s statements have made inconsistencies clearer – while he mentioned that states are empowered to make their own laws regarding ault-used cannabis, the same is not being reflected for the District. Get the core of the story here.


Fresh Cuts NY Voters

New York voters are against people with prior convictions getting marijuana licenses.

On the one hand, where the previously convicted are looking to re-start their lives, 54% of New York voters are opposed to cannabis criminalization leading to empowerment and participation in the industry. Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) came forward to say that business licenses are still in the process of approval since the legalization, there is no shortage of revenue in the market. The market that now generates billions of dollars is making an effort to create opportunities for those New Yorkers who hail from marginalized communities.


State of Mind Vermont

Vermont is now taking prequalification applications for growers

The Marijuana Project Policy has legalized cannabis use in adults 21 and older in the state of Vermont. As the cannabis markets open this fall, there are around 427 applications for pre-qualifications, 66 retailers included. It is interesting to see how the state will strengthen its supply chain and nurture bonds with cannabis manufacturers and testing facilities.

Rave Reviews Top CBD Shops

Find the best CBD stores in the Midwest

Who doesn’t love a good guide to the top CBD stores? Covering the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin; RAVE’s guide was comprehensive, handy and exciting. See the complete list, here.


Can continous use of cannabis lead to cognitive deficits?

The American Journal of Psychiatry published a paper from its study conducted in New Zealand. The study explored how long-term cannabis use lead to cognitive deficits and lower hippocampal volume by the time humans reached mid-life. The users IQ declined by a mean of 5.5 points from childhood to midlife along with lowered attention span and memory problems. Members of the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University believe that the results are a convergence of two seen trends – the growing aging population and highest recorded cannabis usage in older adults.

Weed Warriors


Ben Proudfoot becomes a voice for female athletes

While the Oscars were in the news and mostly revolved around Will Smith and Chris Rock, another incident also took major notice. Ben Proudfoot won an Oscar for Queen of Basketball in Best Documentary Short Subject category; and while he was making his speech, he urged President Joe Biden to free WNBA all-star Brittany Griner who has been detained in Russia since February for carrying vape cartridges containing a marijuana concentrate . At this Academy Awards, he gave female athletes a voice not only through his documentary but also in his plea.


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